Custom New Homes

Need a complete change in your life? We’ll make it possible with our own custom new homes services.

Pryde Contracting has years of experience in building new homes from the ground up. Create the ultimate home of your dreams with help from reputable Long Island contractors. In fact, the housing market makes this the best possible time to build a new home, so take advantage of it to fully realize your dreams. Call us now to speak with us about planning your future home.


Lot Locations

If you already own land, we can build a home on your own lot. However, if not, we’d be more than happy to work with realtors to find the perfect lot for your dream home. In the end, your home will be a unique piece of art just for you, your family, and guests to entertain.

Floor Plans

Although you may not realize it, your floor plan needs to be completely tailored to your lifestyle. Fortunately, Pryde Contracting has years of experience in home floor layouts and will help you decide what is best for you and your family. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of family spaces, private work or study areas, and if you need a large foyer area for storing shoes, coats, and bags.


Purchasing a new home doesn’t have to be a huge financial hassle. There are a number of factors that ultimately decide the cost of your home, and Pryde Contracting will give you recommendations on how to determine the best mortgage and interest rates based on your credit score.


Energy Efficient

The greatest advantage of having Pryde Contracting build a new home for you is that you can choose energy efficient methods. These options will ultimately save you money over the years and are better for your home’s upkeep as well. Plus, building a home to your specifications eliminates the need for renovations down the road, thus saving energy, pollution from the air, and your money.

Custom Materials

Because we’re building your new home, you can customize it however you like. By building it from scratch, you can give your entire home its own unique feeling and style. Looking to have a classic, yet somewhat modern influence on every room? We can easily do that for you. In addition, we will work closely with you on deciding on each and every material so everything is to your exact specifications. It can be overwhelming to choose every single material for a home, which is why we can also provide our expert opinion. We have access to all of the newest, most current materials for your new home too.

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