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Modern Kitchen — Remodeling in West Hempstead, NY
Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. has custom trim and woodworking services that will be able to give your room that extra “pop” you're looking for. Just a simple trim on a window or archway makes a significant statement. It also can be used to compliment the décor of the room. We especially recommend custom woodworking for kitchens, where an understated accent is sure to be noticed and tie the room together.



Our archway trimmings are always tasteful, personally crafted to match the mood of the room. A stylish archway can really impact the entire room, giving it a more elegant appearance. In addition, when your front door leads into an archway, you create an impressive experience for anyone who walks into your home.

Crown Moldings

Crown moldings are ideal for those who want to add just a touch of detail to their room. This works best if it has lower ceilings. Not only are they timeless, but they also make your ceilings appear taller. Our crown moldings can be completely customized to look however you would like them to, including both traditional and more modern designs. For that extra bit, we can install lights with them as well.

Custom & Built In Cabinets

Can't find suitable cabinets or built-ins for the room you're remodeling? Luckily, we're skilled in creating exclusive cabinets and built-ins just for you. At Pryde Contracting we have our own Cabinet shop where we can customize any built in, Mudroom lockers, mantles, and custom exterior work. We specialize in exterior PVC trimwork, custom raised panels, columns, and arched trim. We'll work with you to determine your own design and specifications. Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. can make the most of the limited space you have, and even come up with innovative design ideas. An example of one is a custom made built in with storage drawers and base cabinets to maximize the space.


Fireplace Mantles

Adding a fireplace to your room automatically gives your living room a regal and classic appearance. It's also a cozy addition to a living room in the winter months. However, if you already have one but are not completely happy with its appearance, one of the simplest ways to improve it is with a custom trim.

Stair Rails

Depending on your home layout, stair rails can be one of the first things that a guest sees when they enter your home. Be sure to make a good impression with ones that match the rest of your living space. We can bring a subtle, personal touch to your home with custom stair rails. Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. is able to update your existing railing, or install a new one. We'll be sure either way, to bring you the finest custom trim work.


Adding a trim on any of your windows adds a finished, polished look, tieing up the entire room. If you're looking for an extra bit of decoration, window trimming may be just what you need. It's small enough yet important, and ties the whole room together.

Don't forget to reach out to Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. for any custom trim or other woodworking projects you have, by calling 516-742-0505.
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