Dormers in Long Island

Dormers in Long Island

Trust in Pryde Contracting, a reputable Long Island contractor specializing in dormers, to bring you the very best work. With over 15 years of experience, it’s easy to see how we have the upper hand in the industry. We’re a family run business that understands all of our customers’ needs and successfully meets them.


Adding dormers can instantly improve the appearance of your Long Island home’s exterior. They add extra visual interest to your second story. In addition, they also can provide extra space and light in an upstairs bedroom. This is ideal for those who may feel cramped or perhaps don’t have enough light in the room.


Also, creating dormers is essential for loft conversions. Lofts have become a popular option in Long Island homes for because they allow for a beautiful, open room. They’re especially ideal for homes with small second stories, as you can now create a larger room that could be used as an entertainment center, bedroom, and more. Let Pryde Contracting perform this service for you today so you can love your home again.


Styles of Dormers Long Island We Can Create:


Blind/False: These dormers are actually roofed on the inside, so they are purely for Long Island exterior decoration purposes. They’ll immediately give your home a more remarkable appearance.


Eyebrow: Like its namesake, an eyebrow dormer has a curve to it with a flat bottom. This style is ideal for those looking for just a slight visual accent on their home’s roof.


Gable: This tends to be the most popular type of dormer, mainly because of its classic appearance. Gable dormers on Long Island are characterized by their flat planes that rise to point, resembling a conventional dog house.


Shed: Often used in homes with gabled roofs, shed dormers have a flat roof with a downward slope. This design is particularly suited to homes with a more modern or contemporary appearance.


Our Long Island technicians are completely experienced in working with all of these dormer styles, as well as many more. However, whatever style you’re looking for, we’re confident that our craftsmen can make it a reality for you. That’s why our expert team is ready to create custom design dormers.


We can also pair creating dormers with any of our other services, available for the interior and exterior of your Long Island home. We specialize in working on kitchens and baths, as well as masonry and concrete. If you’d rather have us design and build a completely new Long Island home with dormers, we can do that as well.


Give Pryde Contracting a call today at 516-742-0505. You’ll discover the difference when you have professional and reputable contractors work on your home. You’ll love the work we perform for you, and you’ll appreciate your home even more. Don’t go through the stress of moving to find a home that can accommodate all of your needs. Instead, let us renovate your home to suit you and your family. We understand that you love your current home and neighborhood; that’s why we make it easy with our Long Island services like dormers and other renovations. Trust in Pryde Contracting to bring you the finest work on your home and highest customer satisfaction.

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