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Exterior Siding — Remodeling in West Hempstead, NY
The structure of your home is the most important part, and renovating it can vastly improve its appearance as well. Ensure that your home is a comfortable and safe place for your family for many years to come with our extension services.



Vinyl siding is an ideal choice, because you no longer have to worry about paint chipping and impacting the appearance of your home. Designs of vinyl siding have improved as well, and they almost look exactly like traditional shingles. They are a great option to change the look of an old home, giving it a modern update. Vinyl is a great choice as it's easy to clean.


Consider adding a deck to your home as they're relatively inexpensive and change the entire look of your backyard. It adds and enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. In the summer, they're an ideal feature to have for entertaining guests as well as supervising children playing in the backyard.

If you're looking for a good extension to your residence or building, reach out to Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. by phone at 516-742-0505 to learn more.
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