The framing of your home is its skeleton, so make sure it’s the best quality.

If you are planning on adding an extra room or perhaps knocking down a wall, you need to make sure that the framing of your home can support your renovations. Our company is skilled at installing well-made framing and inspecting your pre-existing framing to see if it’s still up to standards. Get in touch with us now at Pryde Contracting to learn about how our framing can make your home a safer place to live.


You can guarantee that we use the highest grade wood available on the market for our framing. That’s one of the reasons why ours has been proven hold up for years. There are countless amateur errors that can occur while working on framing for a home, however, Pryde Contracting is experienced enough to avoid them. We know that being careless can result in costly mistakes, so we always perform meticulous work.


Our high class framing is also used in any roofs we repair or install as well. That’s how you know that your roof will last for many years to come. The two main types of frames are cut roofs and trussed roofs, and we are experienced with both. Cut roof frames are traditional and are usually cut on site by us. Meanwhile, trussed roof frames typically have an “A” shape but allow for more customization. Additionally, they are constructed off-site and then transported to your home. We recognize that every home is different, so we’d be more than happy to discuss which type of framing is best for the roof of your home.

Installation and Repairs

Building a New Home

When having a custom home built just for you and your family, you need framework that you can rely on. Our framing is much sturdier than the competition’s, and we can even build your entire home for you as well. When you contract us for framing services, you are receiving an assurance that your home will last for decades upon decades.


Although framing repairs are not always costly fixes, they are definitely issues that need to be taken care of immediately. Don’t wait for your home to be damaged any further before calling Pryde Contracting. Most of the time we are able to easily replace the damaged portion of your framing, however, we have experienced cases where more rigorous construction needed to be done. No matter what, we perform all of our jobs with the quality you expect from us.

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