At Pryde Contracting, we specialize in extensive work on the interiors of homes, from building sheetrock walls to painting rooms.

Don’t bother calling a variety of Long Island contractors to get the job done, when you could just have our company do them all for you. Give Pryde Contracting a call now and see how we can apply an updated look to your interior.

Installation and Repairs


Without proper insulation, you can lose energy efficiency in your home. That means that you’ll end up raising the temperature, which results in higher energy bills and more harm to the environment. Make sure you’re ready for any weather with quality insulation installed by our company.


We can quickly repair small and large holes in your walls with our sheetrock and drywall services. As a professional contracting company, we know how to properly patch your walls to provide the correct amount of insulation for your home. If you want it done right, don’t take it on as a do-it-yourself job. We can also set up sheetrock walls in your home as well, and will make sure that your surroundings and possessions are protected while we do so.


For small holes in your wall, repairing them with spackle is the best way to go. It dries quickly in just an hour and can then be painted over, so you have a quick repair. After we repair your wall with spackle, you won’t even be able to tell that there used to be a hole.


Drywall taping can be extremely frustrating to do, not to mention difficult, without the right expertise. We are experienced in taping walls and doorways, and promise that the result will be perfectly smooth walls.

Remodeling a Room


Options for flooring in your home are endless, but you’ll want something that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sturdy and heat-absorbent. It’s important to keep in mind that almost every room is going to require its own unique flooring, due to the activities that are done in each room. For example, tile works best in a kitchen or a bathroom, while carpet is ideal for a living room or bedroom (especially a child’s bedroom).


Many homeowners take on the project of painting the interiors and exteriors of their homes themselves. However, it can definitely be a hassle and is usually better left to professionals who will ensure that nothing in your home will get paint on it. We are more than happy to create more complex designs such as stripes and also apply the correct finishes.


Stairs see a lot of foot traffic and experience a lot of pressure on them, so make sure that you’re having a new staircase installed the right way with Pryde Contracting. Installing a new staircase is a long, complicated project that can be stressful. Leave it to professional contractors to take care of it, make sure everything is up to code, and ease your stress.

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