Long Island Masonry & Concrete

Our Long Island masonry and masonry services prove to be some of the best on Long Island.

We’re experienced with many common materials, such as brickwork, cobblestone, pavers, and slate. We can build almost anything on Long Island, but the masonry services we’re especially known for our fireplaces and paving. In addition, we offer concrete services that can be used for both your exterior and your interior. Concrete on Long Island has become an extremely popular material to use in homes, particularly for floors, due to its incredible possibilities for customization. If you are interested in having any of these services done, or would simply like to learn more, give us a call at Pryde Contracting today.

Long Island Masonry

Driveway Paving

Does your driveway have cracks or inconsistencies that could possibly be hazardous to your family? Pryde Contracting on Long Island makes it easy to replace masonry driveways. We’re able to take care of any custom designs, whether it’s the shape of the driveway itself or simply the way you would like the bricks to be arranged.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Adding a fireplace to your interior or perhaps backyard can add so much to your room or backyard. They are relatively inexpensive additions but will ultimately spruce up your environment. Additionally, you can choose whether you would like a fireplace that is run traditionally with burning logs or a modern option like gas. With our experienced Long Island masonry techniques, we’ll produce an impeccable fireplace or pit for you.

Paver Patio

Patios are always a great addition to a backyard, but a paver patio really adds a nice amount of detail and texture. It is simply the best choice, especially if you also have a pool. With a paver patio, you’ll be able to spend time with your guests relaxing outside while keeping an eye on your children at the same time. Create the perfect outdoor masonry living spaces for your Long Island home with Pryde Contracting.

Stoop and Walkway Paving

A level, high quality stoop is absolutely crucial for anyone coming to or leaving from your home. Likewise, we know that your walkway has to be one of the safest areas of your home so you can avoid any kind of trips or accidents. That’s why we stock some of the best Long Island masonry materials for walkways, and our work leaves no unsightly or dangerous gaps.

Long Island Concrete

Looking to resurface your exterior pavements or indoor flooring?

Instead of completely replacing these parts of your Long Island home, look to get them paved over with concrete. It is a much more cost efficient process and is still guaranteed to hold up for years. Concrete is a very versatile substance that can now easily carry designs, fit any shape you need, and also hold heat. This makes it ideal for radiant heating. Concrete can be used for kitchen cabinets, stoops, bathtubs, and so much more in your Long Island house, so it’s flexible enough for any kind of room renovation.

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