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Masonry — Remodeling in West Hempstead, NY
Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. can build almost anything, but is especially known for the masonry services provided, seen in fireplaces and paving around Long Island. In addition, we offer concrete services that can be used for both the interior and exterior. Reach out to us today, to learn more about these services.


Driveway Paving

If you have cracks or inconsistencies in your driveway, Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. will help with replacing or repairing the masonry driveway. We're able to take care of any custom designs, whether it's the shape of the driveway itself or simply the way you would like the bricks to be arranged.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens

Adding a fireplace to your interior or perhaps backyard can add so much to the area. They are relatively inexpensive additions but will ultimately spruce up your environment. Additionally you can choose whether you would like a traditional or gas operated fireplace.
We can also offer a custom built brick oven Pizza oven with all of the accents and custom stonework to make it a focal point in the backyard. Pryde Contracting can customize your outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen and seating area with stone countertops.


Patios are always a great addition to a backyard, but a paver patio can add a nice amount of detail and texture. It's the best choice if you also have a pool. Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. can help you create the perfect outdoor masonry living spaces for your home. We can customize any patio in your yard with specialty stones, bluestone flagging, pavers, and outdoor kitchens. We handle all aspects of the work with running of plumbing lines, electrical work, drywells, and water features. There is no end to what we can do to make your backyard a vacation experience.

Stoop & Walkway

A level, high quality stoop is absolutely crucial for anyone coming to or leaving from your home.

We also believe that the walkway should be one of the safest areas of your home, to avoid any trips or accidents. All of our Masonry work is done in house and will be designed specifically to your homes curb appeal.

Whether you're looking to resurface your exterior or indoors, contact Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. at 516-742-0505 for concrete or masonry work.
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