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In addition to its other services, Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. is also able to help out with electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.



Remodeling is a great time to replace electrical wiring systems. This is especially true if you're faced with unsightly cords throughout your home. There are all kinds of wiring techniques that we can perform, including running wires through your room's crown molding. If you have an old house, you're going to want to replace the wiring at some point. This is because old wiring systems simply were not built for the kind of technology that we have today and may be dangerous.


A renovation in a room that has water supplied to it may have additional plumbing needs. When renovating a kitchen or a bathroom, you may need to move water lines. Let Pryde Contracting Of Long Island Inc. take care of that for you. If we also discover any mishaps, such as possible water damage or leaks, and handle them accordingly. Because we have years of plumbing experience, you can trust use to take care of your plumbing essentials as well. Furthermore, we are able to get a good idea of what your plumbing lines should look like, and give recommendations if we notice that something isn't up to the highest quality.


An inefficient HVAC system could possibly cause hazards such as fires in your home. We also recommend installing ceiling fans as a great addition when remodeling a home. They can be easily installed and circulate warm air during the winter, as well as cool down the air in the room during the summer. Leave it to us to completely renovate your electrical system if needed, and make sure that it's in complete working condition.

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